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title sequences for the feature film, sanctuary.
editor lance edmands put us in touch with director zachary wigon and his producers. they were looking for someone to take care of the title design for their new film, sanctuary. the film was at that time on its way to the toronto film festival for its world premiere.

zach had some ideas about how he wanted the title sequence to be a part of the film's opening narrative sequence. after some discussion we settled on the treatment you see here, itself a visualisation of what it feels like when ideas or even simply words appear in your mind. the reason we did this will be obvious when you see the film.

the film has since been acquired and distributed by NEON you can watch the trailer here.
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title sequences for the feature film, aftersun.
a few days before the 2022 cannes film festival producer adele romanski reached out and asked if we had the time to create the title sequence for a new film she had produced called aftersun. we connected with the film on a numer of levels and immediately committed to the work.

caspar sent the director, charlotte wells, some typeface ideas based on the film’s overall mood and his experiences of growing up in the 90s. they then began work on customizing and animating the chosen typeface in a fashion that charlotte and he felt appropriate to the tone of the film. all the while caspar’s brother josiah got to work on creating the end crawl.

you can read more about our involvement in the project here, and you can watch the titles themselves here.
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titles for the feature film, the inspection.
long-standing collaborator elegance bratton reached out and asked that we assist him in creating titles for his debut feature film, the inspection, which was to be produced and distributed by A24 films. the film is a personal story based on elegance's own experiences as a young, gay man who, rejected by his own mother, entered the military as a way of getting off the streets of new york and finding some self respect. what transpires is a drama that illustrates the complexities of being a homosexual in the army and a parable of self discovery and definition.

we sent elegance a series of typographic ideas for the titles and elegance picked the styles you see here. the resulting mixing of typefaces used, to us, suggested the idea of being a sensitive man in a tough military environment. both typefaces are beautiful and imperfect in their own ways and together suggested in this way the film's overall narrative. elegance then asked that we colour the text gold to reflect his feelings about how he felt about the story. 
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title sequence and motion graphics for the tv series, the girlfriend experience.
writer / director anja marquardt invited us to create titles and some motion graphics pieces for the 3rd season of the girlfriend experience. anja had written and was directing the entire season herself, and as fans of our work she was excited to see what we could bring to the table for her.

caspar teamed up once again with joey ciccoline and josiah newbolt and they immersed themselves fully into the fast-paced world of a television series production. the screenshots you see here give you a taste of the varying styles of animation work we produced for the 10 episode season.

we'd also like to draw your attention to the incredible soundtrack our friend and long-time collaborator matthew pusti (AKA makeup and vanity set) composed for this 3rd season. you can listen to that here.
title sequences for the feature film, waves.
director trey edward schults had a few ideas about how the opening titles for his new feature film, waves, should look and feel. he was keen to capture a certain, particular "florida feeling," the US state in which the film had been shot. in turn we suggested that a neon flicker of orange on top of the beautiful opening shot of the girl on her bike would hint nicely at the darker film to come. after finding the right colour, placing and treatment of the titles, we offered him some typeface options and he chose the one you see here.

for the closing titles trey had some unusual, abstract b-roll footage he'd shot in pre-production and we suggested we scroll black type through it so that at times the words literally got lost in the darker colours. this was one of those rare projects where everything we did the director and A24, the film's production company, loved straight off the bat.
end title sequence for the feature film, the song of sway lake.
we met director ari gold at a party on his rooftop. in discussions about his forthcoming new film he revealed he was looking for a title sequence. sharing a love for the filmed title sequences of saul bass, we agreed to stay and touch and discuss things further. a few weeks later producer alexandra byer, cinematographer shabier kirchner and i found ourselves upstate filming by a lake. not long after that were cutting the sequence you see here into the film. the piece combines almost every aspect of what we do as a company, from record cover design through to film direction.