Recent Work
film poster for the short film, bleach.
producer emmanuel hessler got in touch with us after seeing our no crying and the dinner table poster. he asked that we consider making a poster for bleach, a short film he'd recently produced. we watched the film and soon found ourselves talking to director mattias graham

it was during our discussions with mattias that we came up with an idea that we felt captured the film's narrative and tone. not long after that he was taking some photographs for us in montreal, canada. where the film was made. the still life images he captured we then turned onto the poster you see here.
film poster for the feature film, we're all going to the world's fair.
we met writer / director jane schoenbrun about 10 years ago, right when we were first getting into making film posters. to see them finally put together such an extraordinary debut feature film is thrilling. to be asked to make the theatrical poster for it, even more so. 

the poster is our attempt to talk about the delicate and beautiful relationship at the core of the film. 

you can watch the trailer for the film here.
mubi movie poster of the day