record sleeve for the nashville-based band, you drive.
you drive were asked to write a song for the third season of the girlfriend experience. the song they wrote was used in a virtual reality orgy scene, and makes for quite the beautiful crescendo. excited to develop another aesthetic for you drive, we began by visualizing three lyrical phrases from the song: "go on and hit them with the haymaker lover," "put your mouth where you money" and "i am a new machine." in doing so we explored the idea of creating and packaging a synthetic being using just a flatbed scanner, some coins and an obliging friend. the song is called "such a perfect thing" and you can listen to it via the link below.
back cover
inside closed
inside open
booklet 1
booklet 2
booklet 3
booklet 4
booklet 5
booklet 6
booklet 7
booklet 8
booklet 9
record sleeve for the nashville-based band, makeup and vanity set.
matthew pusti of makeup and vanity set is scoring more and more films these days. this time around he was asked to score a documentary made about the making of the original batman: the animated series. to celebrate the release of the soundtrack on record store day, we teamed up once again with sound machine records to create something pretty special. the result is a visual expression of the aim of the documentary and a fresher take on the typical batman symbolism.
runner-up in the best record store day vinyl category for the making vinyl packaging awards.