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digieffects65doc screenshot

we’ve been featured on the digieffects website as part of a ‘user profile’ series they’re doing. we’ve been included because of our use of their awesome damage plugin in the documentary we made for 65daysofstatic last year. there’s a brief interview and a chance to watch the promo video we made for radio protector again.

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HERE website praise_121009


ioncinema.com, a webzine / blog website dedicated to american independent film, world cinema, documentary film and the world film festival scene, has just posted this article in praise of the HERE website. this is the site we built in collaboration with filmmaker braden king, to promote and provide information on his forthcoming feature film of the same name.

it’s also worth mentioning that the site was built using the ever more relevant ‘website-in-a-can’ setup offered for FREE over at wordpress.org. more than just a powerful piece of blogging software, it’s an extremely affordable, plug-in based solution for almost all your basic website needs these days. provided you’re happy to undertake the task of a little coding and skinning, you can build a very easy to update and maintain online platform to serve a variety of immediate needs.

worth a look.

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beyond apollo –
site of the month in .net magazine_090709


man, when it rains it pours. beyond apollo is site of month in the september issue of .net magazine. click here to read the full PDF including a short interview with us about the making of the site.

we are truly honoured. thanks again to film director?michael grodner for giving us this chance.

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design journal write-up
& beyond apollo honours (part 2)_080509

design journal article

we’ve just been given the most humbling write-up over on the german design blog designjournal. we’re not sure what we did to deserve this honour but it’s a very flattering read. we want to extend our greatest thanks to the authors of that site and will of course be bookmarking it for future reading. after all we’d be foolish to question their taste at this juncture!

here’s a brief snippet of what they had to say about us:

Version industries is a remarkable small design studio in New York City. Version Industries provides design for print, motion and web. Especially in the latter discipline, the studio shows its strengths. The – now come in the years – Website Version of industries is unique, it creates a very strange atmosphere, and has simply charm.

you can read the full translation by google here, or the original german here.

design charts

the other big news is that we’ve just risen from number 18 to number 7 in the design charts. this is our first 2 week stint in the charts & we’re pretty stoked about it.

we’ve also just been informed that both beyond apollo and house of jackie brown have been posted for user comments and ratings at the rather elegant design bookmarking site, irie.be. again, truly thankful to these bastions of aesthetic connoisseurship for pushing our work out to a wider audience.

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.net magazine & beyond apollo honours_073009

.net magazine gallery

so we had the great honour of being in the july issue of .net magazine, a UK based print magazine focussing on web design. our website for house of jackie brown piqued the interest of their editors and landed us a place in their showcase/gallery. you can view a PDF of the write-up we got here.


also, it looks like beyondapollo.com is our new champ. she just went in at number 18 in the design charts along with appearances on xhilarate, S5-style, spyline, QNT, RGB garden and practika. thanks again a million times over to director michael grodner for giving us the chance to be involved in such an awesome project.

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david carson website link

david carson has posted a link to our recent article about design and advertising on his own website. we feel vindicated (to say the least) to have received this kind of acknowledgement of our point of view.

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kerrang! (v)_042209

kerrang! magazine this week features both a news item and a review of our 65daysofstatic road movie. we would post the review, but we don’t believe in spoiling things for people. see the movie first, form your own opinions and then see if you like what they have to say. in the meantime here’s their rad little news update on the subject:

65 kerrang news article

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we have just launched our website for the vietnamese fashion house ipa-nima. we hope you dig it! also, caspar has just been interviewed by wise elephant over on their blog. you can read the full transcript here. happy 2008, everyone!

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“QUBE – the sexiest online community in the world.”

vogue, november 2006

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new work and new reviews ! please check out the new designs we’ve done for rage events in just about every section of our site. please also hit our reviews section for a very short but very flattering review of our new site and showreel by michael eades of kurt noble interactive and yewknee fame.

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