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angry bear poster_050710

as part of our on going collaboration with the truly fantastic mellowdrone, we’ve designed a poster to support the sleeve artwork we did for their latest album, angry bear. the poster is currently available in one size only (11×17 inches) and is exclusively available from the band’s label coming home records for a mere $2. yep, that’s two dollars. so if you’re a fan, do yourself a favour – get a pint instead of that double and grab one of these puppies while stocks last.

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HERE website praise_121009


ioncinema.com, a webzine / blog website dedicated to american independent film, world cinema, documentary film and the world film festival scene, has just posted this article in praise of the HERE website. this is the site we built in collaboration with filmmaker braden king, to promote and provide information on his forthcoming feature film of the same name.

it’s also worth mentioning that the site was built using the ever more relevant ‘website-in-a-can’ setup offered for FREE over at wordpress.org. more than just a powerful piece of blogging software, it’s an extremely affordable, plug-in based solution for almost all your basic website needs these days. provided you’re happy to undertake the task of a little coding and skinning, you can build a very easy to update and maintain online platform to serve a variety of immediate needs.

worth a look.

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