design journal write-up
& beyond apollo honours (part 2)_080509

design journal article

we’ve just been given the most humbling write-up over on the german design blog designjournal. we’re not sure what we did to deserve this honour but it’s a very flattering read. we want to extend our greatest thanks to the authors of that site and will of course be bookmarking it for future reading. after all we’d be foolish to question their taste at this juncture!

here’s a brief snippet of what they had to say about us:

Version industries is a remarkable small design studio in New York City. Version Industries provides design for print, motion and web. Especially in the latter discipline, the studio shows its strengths. The – now come in the years – Website Version of industries is unique, it creates a very strange atmosphere, and has simply charm.

you can read the full translation by google here, or the original german here.

design charts

the other big news is that we’ve just risen from number 18 to number 7 in the design charts. this is our first 2 week stint in the charts & we’re pretty stoked about it.

we’ve also just been informed that both beyond apollo and house of jackie brown have been posted for user comments and ratings at the rather elegant design bookmarking site, irie.be. again, truly thankful to these bastions of aesthetic connoisseurship for pushing our work out to a wider audience.

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.net magazine & beyond apollo honours_073009

.net magazine gallery

so we had the great honour of being in the july issue of .net magazine, a UK based print magazine focussing on web design. our website for house of jackie brown piqued the interest of their editors and landed us a place in their showcase/gallery. you can view a PDF of the write-up we got here.


also, it looks like beyondapollo.com is our new champ. she just went in at number 18 in the design charts along with appearances on xhilarate, S5-style, spyline, QNT, RGB garden and practika. thanks again a million times over to director michael grodner for giving us the chance to be involved in such an awesome project.

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house of jackie brown honours (part 2)_040809


we’re stoked to receive the news that our site for the house of jackie brown just entered in at number 5 in the design charts. a huge & long overdue thank you to all involved in the creation of this site. it’s been a while since we were in the charts & it’s not something we’re about to take for granted.

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worth a listen –
toasty (untold remix), faunts, jamie vex’d, la roux (skream remix)_033109


my name is gavin & i create all the audio & music (original & remix) work here at version. i’ve decided to come out of the woodwork and share a few things about my music (personal & work related) and highlight a few of my favourite tracks right now. i’m going to make this a regular thing so you’ll get a chance to listen to a lot of my unreleased personal music alongside my odd tangential music production thoughts (ie. general moaning).

here we go…

i’ve just got up and running on logic pro 8 from my halcyon days on modplug tracker. I’ve always found it difficult to pull myself away from the comforting vertical step editing and move into the more daw related environments of logic, pro tools, cubase & sonar. after a brief stint with nuendo in which I managed to loose half a years worth of personal work to a glitch, i felt I had been burned enough. luckily logic is great! (touch wood)

i had one friend recently describe the programming pattern editor in modplug as that of entering mindless data into an excel spreadsheet. no amount of explanation of step gate sequencing of individual samples helped move his opinion. i see no problem entering hex values to make music, i mean we do it to control colours on a website!

anyway. i hope to be able to share a few personal music projects over some of my updates, that aren’t the client ones you might have heard if you’ve visited some of our recent websites (such as house of jackie brown).

so far this month:

Toasty - The Knowledge (Untold Remix)

toasty – the knowledge (untold remix)
hfrmx001ii – hotflush recordings

untold’s awesome remix of the already wicked original, released back in 2004. it’s also worth checking out the other remix of ‘the knowledge’ by vex’d on the previous remix ep.

faunts – feel.love.thinking.of
faunts – feel.love.thinking.of – friendly fire recordings

the opening title track to their second album. i really got into these guys after hearing their epic 80’s synth workout “m4” on the end credits of the mass effect game.

Jamie Vex'd - In System Travel EP

jamie vex’d – radiant industry
jamie vex’d – in system travel ep – planet-mu

the first official release from one half of vex’d on planet-mu. this for me is the standout track from his ep.

La Roux - In For The Kill EP

la roux – in for the kll (skream’s “let’s get ravey” mix)
la roux – in for the kill – polydor

it’s not often that a remix outdoes the original but I think skream has managed it.

next time I’ll post one of my new tracks once my new reference headphones have broken in!

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house of jackie brown honours_032009

design aside logo

our site for house of jackie brown has been bookmarked by a few worthy website design portals & fashion blogs. spyline, xhilarate, designaside, lifelounge, make better websites, foliostars, modern web design awards, QNT, new web pick, S5-style, wooki.es & mob living being a few of the finer ones.

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house of jackie brown_030709

house of jackie brown website

please take a moment to check out our new website for the house of jackie brown. featuring hi-res vintage layouts of their new electric couture line and an original ‘vinyl pressed’ soundtrack, it’s a bit of a wild one.


protomen, passionate & jackie brown_120608

house of jackie brown teaser page

as promised the?protomen father of death artwork is now up in full in our printwork section. you’ll also find two passionate ecards we just did for peter gabriel and charlie haden in our website section. looking forward take a look at the splash page for?the house of jackie brown – should give you a taste of things to come from us very soon.

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