65daysofstatic japanese tour promo video_051214

65daysofstatic, no strangers to touring japan, asked us to put together a small promo clip for their forthcoming japanese tour. using footage we shot the last time they toured out there, this piece gives you a little taste of what it’s like to be right there with them on the road to such places.

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what about dick, how’s your news, pauly shore + joe rogan_011113

what about dick

since our initial work in the burgeoning direct-to-fan film sales world, we’ve been asked to produced platforms for a variety of different outfits. sometimes they want the whole rig from us as what about dick? and how’s your news? did, and sometimes they simply want to license the technology and design the look and feel of the platform themselves, as both pauly shore and joe rogan have. either way we’re extremely thankful to be asked to help in these developments, and flattered to be able to sit down in the fine company of those great talents interested in taking this new direction.

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sonoio red
teaser video_051611

this is something new we’ve been working on with SONOIO. stay tuned.

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IFUCKINGLOVEYOU short film_072210

we just finished work on a short film to accompany the release of the next track from big black delta. it was shot over a couple of days around independence day in los angeles. the idea was simply to capture everything we got up to in the short time we had, be that searching the night sky for flashing lights, watching dan akroyd talking about UFOs on youtube or jonathan bates making strange noises on his studio floor. we hope the end result, if nothing else, makes you feel like all these things are related. not forcibly, but maybe with a little serendipity.

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65daysofstatic –
escape from new york, tech interview_011910

digieffects65doc screenshot

we’ve been featured on the digieffects website as part of a ‘user profile’ series they’re doing. we’ve been included because of our use of their awesome damage plugin in the documentary we made for 65daysofstatic last year. there’s a brief interview and a chance to watch the promo video we made for radio protector again.

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the will of one_060408

will of one video screenshot

today we unveiled our second music video for the protomen. this time around we filmed them, rather than animating them. all footage was taken from a recent show in brooklyn, new york and then smashed to pieces using computers afterwards. we hope you enjoy it:

iii: the will of one

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