protomen, passionate & jackie brown_120608

house of jackie brown teaser page

as promised the?protomen father of death artwork is now up in full in our printwork section. you’ll also find two passionate ecards we just did for peter gabriel and charlie haden in our website section. looking forward take a look at the splash page for?the house of jackie brown – should give you a taste of things to come from us very soon.

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giles vs. PACA_102908

giles appeared on a panel for the picture archive council of america on sunday. discussing what role technology is playing in new business opportunities, giles sat along-side represenatives from adobe and the national academy of recording arts and sciences (see also: the grammies). a full-breakdown of the proceedings is as follows:

This session brings together a range of panelists, some (relatively) new to the stock photography industry, others from creative industries outside our own; but all with a real interest in technology and how it is rapidly changing?and for some, has already changed?the landscape and business of monetizing digital assets in an online environment. Expect a lively discussion, revealing insights, and differing perspectives that reflect the diverse backgrounds of the panelists.

Panelists: Kevin Goldsmith (Adobe), John Griffin (CutCaster), Oleg Tscheltzoff (Fotolia), Ben London (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), Giles Copp (Version Industries)

Moderator: Jeff Burke, Former PACA President

Sponsored by Imprezzeo.

for more information check out the program for that day on the PACA website.

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father of death_101508

father of death cover artwork

the protomen are about to release their first single from the eagerly awaited follow up to their debut, act 1. we are proud to be able to say that we worked in close collaboration with them to create the artwork for this release. it’s a vinyl-only release and you can see a sneak preview of the cover above. for more information check out the?theory 8 records site?through whom the record is being released. free copies of the record are being given away on november 8th at their release show in nashville, TN. be there.

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65 days of static live photography_083108

65 tour photography

in june we were invited to tour with 65 days of static for a few days whilst they supported the cure. in the photography section you can see a selection of the photographs we took as we shadowed their every move. stay tuned for more website and printwork from us very soon.


net neutrality open source documentary_070308

if you have 5 minutes, check this out:

now if that pissed you off as much as it did us, please do what you deem necessary to raise awareness and / or support the cause. here are some links that might help:

save the internet | rock the vote

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kaleidoscope pr_062708

kaleidoscope website

our new site for the new york-based PR firm,?kaleidoscope consulting, has gone live. once again a new look & feel for us – we hope you dig it. oh & don’t forget to click the little eye.

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the will of one_060408

will of one video screenshot

today we unveiled our second music video for the protomen. this time around we filmed them, rather than animating them. all footage was taken from a recent show in brooklyn, new york and then smashed to pieces using computers afterwards. we hope you enjoy it:

iii: the will of one

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andrew maxwell, swing state poster, reap what you sew & colour notes success_060308

andrew maxwell website

check out our new website for the irish comedian,?andrew maxwell. it’s a bit like sitting in a greasy spoon reading the paper. also, take a look at our first film poster for the documentary, swing state. in other news we have started work with nicole mackinly hahn on her reap what you sew project. we’ve made?a holding page for her where you can find out more information about the project. last but not least, the?children’s book on colour theory that we designed is now for sale in the?tate modern.

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godaddy vs. deadsy_052808

those of you who care for a little disgust mixed in with your morning coffee, hit godaddy.com and throw the search keyword ‘deadsy’ into their start your domain search here box. you’ll note after the more regular recommended domain purchases that they have a few ‘premium domain names’ suggested:

godaddy website screenshot

yep, you read that right:



we just received this note in the comments section from godaddy themselves:

“To those concerned,

Please know that the Premium Domain Name listing for DEADMUSLIMS.COM was recently brought to our attention. As you might imagine, Go Daddy deals with a very large number of domain names on any given day, and the processing of these names is necessarily automated. This can include our Premium Domain Name offerings, as it did in this case.

Although we make no direct judgment regarding the validity of any domain name, we do feel that removing this domain from the list of recommended names is in the best interest of our customers who may be offended by it. Since the posting of your article, the Premium Domain Name listing has been removed from the Go Daddy website. We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and we sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been negatively affected by the listing.

Office of the President
Go Daddy”

thanks for listening GD.

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asylum films & more tanit honours_050308

asylum films website

check out the site we just made for long time collaborators?asylum films. the music video they made for black ghosts is particularly worth watching. also, the site we did for tanit sakakini has apparently received some kudos over at?spyline and?straightline.

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