godaddy vs. deadsy_052808

those of you who care for a little disgust mixed in with your morning coffee, hit godaddy.com and throw the search keyword ‘deadsy’ into their start your domain search here box. you’ll note after the more regular recommended domain purchases that they have a few ‘premium domain names’ suggested:

godaddy website screenshot

yep, you read that right:



we just received this note in the comments section from godaddy themselves:

“To those concerned,

Please know that the Premium Domain Name listing for DEADMUSLIMS.COM was recently brought to our attention. As you might imagine, Go Daddy deals with a very large number of domain names on any given day, and the processing of these names is necessarily automated. This can include our Premium Domain Name offerings, as it did in this case.

Although we make no direct judgment regarding the validity of any domain name, we do feel that removing this domain from the list of recommended names is in the best interest of our customers who may be offended by it. Since the posting of your article, the Premium Domain Name listing has been removed from the Go Daddy website. We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and we sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been negatively affected by the listing.

Office of the President
Go Daddy”

thanks for listening GD.

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we just found out that we’ve won two website design awards for our site and for deadsy.tv. it’s really not every day you get two awards at once. we’re stunned. thanks again to all involved ! oh and we’re back in the design charts this week at number 38.

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