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giles appeared on a panel for the picture archive council of america on sunday. discussing what role technology is playing in new business opportunities, giles sat along-side represenatives from adobe and the national academy of recording arts and sciences (see also: the grammies). a full-breakdown of the proceedings is as follows:

This session brings together a range of panelists, some (relatively) new to the stock photography industry, others from creative industries outside our own; but all with a real interest in technology and how it is rapidly changing?and for some, has already changed?the landscape and business of monetizing digital assets in an online environment. Expect a lively discussion, revealing insights, and differing perspectives that reflect the diverse backgrounds of the panelists.

Panelists: Kevin Goldsmith (Adobe), John Griffin (CutCaster), Oleg Tscheltzoff (Fotolia), Ben London (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), Giles Copp (Version Industries)

Moderator: Jeff Burke, Former PACA President

Sponsored by Imprezzeo.

for more information check out the program for that day on the PACA website.

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we’ve been featured in a great article in this month’s issue of adobe’s web developer’s and designer’s journal. the article is called ‘getting graphic’ and we’ve temporarily uploaded some scans of our spread in it here, if anyone wants to check it out. huge thanks go out to art director louis f. cuffari and all at the journal – quite an honour.

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