club photography (v)_121309

we were recently hired on a weekly basis to photograph those attending a club night in new york’s lower east side. the party goes by the name of just the tip and is in a club called happy ending (a disused erotic massage parlour). taking appropriate cues from wong kar wai’s film?in the mood for love and the exploitation flicks projected onto the club’s walls each night, we wanted to give the photos a warm, grainy, ambient, cinematic feel.?thus we chose to use our new canon 5D mark II, a canon 580 EX flash (purely for it’s laser focussing facility)?and a 50mm lens to take flashless RAW photographs and rely on the club’s own light sources to set the scene. we then post-process the shots back here in the studio both in terms of exposure, temperature and imitation chemical cross-processing. the results are pretty far from your last night’s party vibe of club photography and justly so given the more refined and elegant nature of this particular club night.


you can view the complete sets from each night here.

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HERE website praise_121009


ioncinema.com, a webzine / blog website dedicated to american independent film, world cinema, documentary film and the world film festival scene, has just posted this article in praise of the HERE website. this is the site we built in collaboration with filmmaker braden king, to promote and provide information on his forthcoming feature film of the same name.

it’s also worth mentioning that the site was built using the ever more relevant ‘website-in-a-can’ setup offered for FREE over at wordpress.org. more than just a powerful piece of blogging software, it’s an extremely affordable, plug-in based solution for almost all your basic website needs these days. provided you’re happy to undertake the task of a little coding and skinning, you can build a very easy to update and maintain online platform to serve a variety of immediate needs.

worth a look.

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NX energy drink_110309

nitrous express

our hi-octane teaser site for NX energy drink just went live. alongside it we were asked to design the above poster for promotional purposes. needless to say, but this is a new aesthetic for us and one we’re having a great time experimenting with. expect more from this fiery little inferno of a project in the near future.

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feed the walrus_101209

feed the walrus

feed the walrus went live today. a bold new gesture in the world new media production companies. the walrus himself and his strange little world were created by us. turn up your speakers, open your mouth, look at your friend in the next cubicle and then roll over one of his flippers … nice one.

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the meier group_100809

the meier group

the meier group’s new website is the product of a great collaboration between us and company founder michael meier. if you know what you’re looking for in a real estate website, you’ll notice the site has a few new tricks up it’s sleeves. it also represents one of our more major forays into HTML 5. enjoy.

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a-alikes –
kill a revolutionary_100709

kill a revolutionary

director paul biedrzycki’s powerful new political documentary the ballot or the bullet just made the cut for this year’s CMJ music festival. it’s a film detailing the political climate surrounding the creation of the new album by long-standing brooklyn rappers, a-alikes and explains the band’s radical stance on america’s recent government overhaul.?the film stars such hip-hop luminaries as chuck d of public enemy and dead prez. included in the film are a series of music videos, one of which we were asked to ‘destroy’ both video + audio for. the end result is what it would be like if you were trying to watch the video using a broken tv and rabbit ear antennae in some forgotten about part of brooklyn.

you can watch the video in quicktime here –

kill a revolutionary

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adobe allow flash cs5 to compile native iphone apps: rad_100509

this could be something of a game-changer: flash cs5 will have an option to export your apps natively to the iphone. keyword there is ‘native’: as the proponents of c64 emulation know well, apple doesn’t permit 3rd party runtimes on the phone. more detail on the compiler changes is available here:


at the same time they’ve opened up flash partnerships with, well, pretty much every single other mobile handset creator to bring flash to their web capabilities. so to sum up – everyone gets flash on the web except apple, who instead get their app environment opened up to a legion of as3 coders who, for one reason or another, can’t or won’t learn cocoa. personally i think apple have the best of it – i’ve yet to see a compelling use case for flash on mobile devices, especially when you have apps which can do pretty much anything a desktop app can anyway, but time will tell.

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the protomen –
act 2 release show aftermath_092909


the above, giant, 3′ x 4′ poster was available exclusively at the protomen’s act II release show last weekend in nashville, TN. we created it with the band as a thank you to fans for making the long trek, as they all did, to see the band perform both their albums back to back in thunderous, conceptual glory. version industries representatives, myself included, attended and helped make sure the performance was recorded both in HD video and with digital still photography. below is a taste of the material we gathered –


you can view the rest of the photographs we took here. you can also expect video footage of the show from us in the coming months. in the meantime check out this incredibly flattering review of the new album by nashville resident?yewknee. a perfect come down to an incredible weekend with our friends in the south.

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we are hiring!_092209

wanted: business development manager
location: new york / london

version industries has offices in london and new york and clients across the world.? we have? long-standing relationships with both major companies and many exceptional individuals.? we are looking for someone to take this to the next level.

we need a candidate who understands the strengths of our portfolio and can develop our business in harmony with our strong design ethic.? this means providing a long-term business strategy as well as pursuing more immediate leads.

compensation: nominal base salary, with opportunity for high commission-based earnings.

email us at jobs@versionindustries.com for more information.

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the protomen –
act II release show poster_091609

act II release show poster

here’s our poster for the protomen’s act II release show. with two stages, a choir and an orchestra playing both album’s back to back, it’s safe to say you’re missing out if you ain’t going. see you all there. we’ll probably be the ones workin’ whilst you dudes are playin’, though don’t doubt our desire to meet you all and share a few stories. it’ll be our first time in nashville and we’re determined to make it count.

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