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artwork for the protomen's second album, act 2 - the father of death
everything about this record cover and poster had to be bigger and better. the moment we heard act II: the father of death we knew the protomen had taken giant leaps as a band. consequently we wanted to produce artwork that celebrated and supported this excellent new music through and through.

once again we asked john delucca to bring his magic to the project. first he painted the fantastic streets of fire inspired cover, and then went on to create various other pieces for the album's illustrated "libretto" booklet. caspar then wove everything together for the 2009 compact disc release of the album, and the promo "movie poster" that went with it.

in 2018 it was time to release a deluxe, vinyl version of the album. for this the band wanted to make a book with a pop-up diorama of john's "how the world fell under darkness" illustration as the centrepiece. this time around caspar eschewed the rest of the CD artwork and replaced it with stills from the recently shot and released light up the night music video.
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