i drove all night_012313

i drove all night outside cover

the above layout is a part of the latest in our ongoing collaborations with the protomen – it’s the inlay of the cassette single for their cover of roy orbison’s i drove all night. it’s been public knowledge for a while that the band have been working on a covers LP, and this marks the first release from that project. never a band to back down from going all the way in terms of developing a narrative around their releases, this covers record is going to be a very unique thing indeed. striving to be both the greatest covers record you’ve ever heard, it may also turn out to be the greatest soundtrack to a film you’ve never seen. either way we are yet again being pushed by the protomen to pull out the stops on creating the most immersive artwork experience we can in support of it.

the i drove all night cassette single, whilst just a teaser of what’s to come, provided a good warm-up to working on the larger release. you see for?the protomen?the process of selecting songs to cover?is a little more in depth than with most bands we’ve worked with.?i drove all night?was chosen not just because it’s a tough old jam that harks back sweatily to another time, but also because lyrically it echoes very strongly elements of the protomen’s own story. expanding upon this, what you see when you open the cassette up and turn over the inlay is this –

i drove all night inside spread

calling once again on the mighty talents of john delucca, we went back and forth on various different angles and layouts until we had in essence captured what we felt told the story best. once john had drawn in all the details we were after, he brushed in the colour and we took over with various aspects of post-production and layout work. all of this in order to bring it in line with the band’s reference-fueled vision for the overall package.

the cherry on top was of course including the name and logo for the film for which this covers album would be the soundtrack. aptly named?the cover up, we wanted with just a logo to give fans a little taste of what’s to come – what the story of the covers LP might be about and what sort of tone it might have.

i drove all night cassette

only 1000 copies were printed of the cassette ?- you can grab a copy of it here whilst stocks last.

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booka shade_081412

based on our work with big black delta, the fine folk at nerve management asked us to work on an aesthetic revamp for the german, minimal-house duo booka shade. we knew of the band in part because of their music, but also because HORT had handled their look up to this point. for the record HORT are one of the few design houses out there who’s work we look at on a regular basis for inspiration. therefore, as you can imagine, the prospect of taking on this mantle was both terribly exciting and very daunting.

that said, it turns out booka shade themselves were fans of the sleeve design + logo work we’d done for big black delta, and were keen for us to reproduce that very textured approach in a fashion more suited to their sound. we were given demos from their new record and spoke to the band about the sorts of aesthetic ideas they had in mind. the end result was a push by us to simplify their previous geometric logo type even further. we wanted to add an elegance, softness and wear to it, in order to create a more established and timeless feel. a feel that perhaps spoke as much of their origins as to where they were going next.

the first piece of work we produced for them you can see above. it’s the single cover for their forthcoming release?honey slave, and focusses mainly on the new logo we created for the band. the single will be out on DIM MAK records, and we’re more than a little excited to hold a 12″ vinyl copy of it in our hands.

you can hear samples from the honey slave single here.

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65daysofstatic –

as many folk out there already know, 65daysofstatic are on their way to releasing their 4th studio album, we were exploding anyway. what they don’t know however is how incredibly exciting it is to have designed the artwork for the first single. released exclusively in japan on march 10th, the new cut is titled weak4 and is accompanied by a japan-only exclusive track, pacify.

you can purchase the release through their japanese label, here.

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