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gabriel bruce show poster

long-time fans of gabriel’s music, we approached him after one of his shows in new york and had a quick chat. it turns out that aside from making beautiful songs, one of his band is also directly related to john cassavetes. this could only be a good sign. cassavetes, if you didn’t know already, is a fantastic film director and a huge influence on some of us here at (v).

i digress. a few months later gabriel got in touch and asked if we wanted to put together a poster for his forthcoming album release party in london. jumping at the chance, we cut out some of the photographs we’d taken of him performing in new york, and created 5 different designs. the above image is the one he went for, and below is another edition we were fond of from the batch.

gabriel bruce show poster
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ten years (v)_030613

ten year party poster

2013 marks the 10 year anniversary of the founding of our company, version industries. to celebrate the occasion we threw a party at the cake shop in manhattan, new york. it was a magical affair to say the least, with friends and collaborators flying in from europe and all over the US to be a part of it.

we created a poster and an engraved, acid-burned copper plate to commemorate the occasion. these we gave out to those in attendance. the plate itself of course inspired by the late joy division’s record sleeve for their song,?love will tear us apart.?each plate’s lettering was hammered in by giles and myself personally.?both the concept and the treatment just seemed apt somehow.

copper plate
copper plate

the following are some photographs from the night, which consisted of food, drinks, live music, dancing, glowsticks and all manner of other madness. none of which would of course be possible without incredible performances from?SONOIO, makeup and vanity set and BELLS?, and of course the?help of andy boder and all the other fantastic people working at the cake shop.

makeup and vanity set

thank you a million times over to everyone who’s ever asked us to work for them in any capacity. we are only still here because of you and you’ve quite frankly given us a reason to live. not to mention a chance to see some of those ridiculous dreams we had as children realized.

here’s to you.

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club photography (v)_121309

we were recently hired on a weekly basis to photograph those attending a club night in new york’s lower east side. the party goes by the name of just the tip and is in a club called happy ending (a disused erotic massage parlour). taking appropriate cues from wong kar wai’s film?in the mood for love and the exploitation flicks projected onto the club’s walls each night, we wanted to give the photos a warm, grainy, ambient, cinematic feel.?thus we chose to use our new canon 5D mark II, a canon 580 EX flash (purely for it’s laser focussing facility)?and a 50mm lens to take flashless RAW photographs and rely on the club’s own light sources to set the scene. we then post-process the shots back here in the studio both in terms of exposure, temperature and imitation chemical cross-processing. the results are pretty far from your last night’s party vibe of club photography and justly so given the more refined and elegant nature of this particular club night.


you can view the complete sets from each night here.

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