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hello again.

another month, another load of great tracks that hit all the right spots. what makes this post a little bit different to my last is that i will be sharing a piece of my current personal musical output with you.

for those that don’t know, i mainly make electronic based music under the moniker, accelra. i’ve been making music for as long as i remember but really started getting in the production side of things around ’97. since then i’ve shared bills with artists such as venetian snares, ital tek, datach’i, doormouse, global goon & many others. i thought it would be nice to share one of my recent unreleased tracks as a special treat.

also i have collected a few choice cuts from this month & beyond that i think kick-start the summer sound for this year.

so far this month:

Boxcutter - Arecibo Message

boxcutter – sidetrak
boxcutter – acrecibo message – planet-mu

the first track from boxcutter’s brand new album on planet-mu. this for me sums everything boxcutter does sonically within one track. i also recommend checking out his last two releases, glyphic & oneiric for more passionate, melody driven dubstep.

Various Production - As It Stops Raining EP

georgia’s horse – as it stops raining (various production mix)
various production/georgia’s horse – as it stops raining ep – fire records

blinding new collaboration between the ever resourceful various production and their fellow label mates on fire records. this track harkens back to the cross genre clash of various’ debut album ‘the world is gone’. great stuff. strong sleeve design from artist david bray, a long time collaborater with various production.

Mark Pritchard - ? E.P

mark pritchard – ?
mark pritchard – ? ep – ho hum

after delivering an excellent full length under his other pseudonym, harmonic 313 on warp records recently, mark pritchard is back again with a more ambient focused release. stunning use of space in the opening track ‘?’.

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fallen heroes –
the designers republic_012809

designer's republic ad

our first experience of the work of the designers republic was through the stunning record sleeve artwork of pop will eat itself back in the mid-nineties. since then they’ve continued to produce nail-bitingly original work for the likes of warp records, the wipeout video game series & nine inch nails. however equally important is their attitude toward the world of commercial design and the background from which they come. it’s for all these reasons combined that they remain one of the very few design outfits that we here at (v) take seriously at all.

so it’s no great surprise then that we were greatly saddened to hear of their recent demise (though rumour has it they will be rising again!).

please read the following article recently dusted off by the smart fellows at creative review. it’s from 2001 and gives you a very good idea of why these guys should probably be taken more seriously than just about anyone else out there:

the designers republic remembered

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