the protomen –
the dawn of act 2_052609

the protomen act 2 website

at 7:51 CST precisely last night (5/25)?the protomen activated an online portal to the world of act 2, their second album. 4 years in the making, the follow-up to act 1 is set many years before the events detailed in their first record. we were hired to help realize that vision for them, along with the powerful & visionary artist, john delucca.


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the protomen –
mercy lounge poster_041809

check out this new poster we just did for the protomen. also, do try and see them, if you haven’t yet. they really are an experience like no other.

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protomen, passionate & jackie brown_120608

house of jackie brown teaser page

as promised the?protomen father of death artwork is now up in full in our printwork section. you’ll also find two passionate ecards we just did for peter gabriel and charlie haden in our website section. looking forward take a look at the splash page for?the house of jackie brown – should give you a taste of things to come from us very soon.

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the will of one_060408

will of one video screenshot

today we unveiled our second music video for the protomen. this time around we filmed them, rather than animating them. all footage was taken from a recent show in brooklyn, new york and then smashed to pieces using computers afterwards. we hope you enjoy it:

iii: the will of one

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