commercialism and design_030108

peter saville

it’s hard not to feel?underwhelmed with the state of the design industry today. one avenue i personally had always relied upon was designing artwork for bands. however now the music industry can barely afford to pay for the great designs they need to present their artist’s work, we are all having to find work elsewhere to make ends meet. this, along with other elements, is adding to the larger realization that now more and more of the market is being eaten up by corporations forcing designers to use their art to sell incompatible, emotionless products.

if you have a moment, i highly recommend registering to the (albeit commercially founded) ‘i love design’ site and watching this short interview with peter saville. i have been feeling a great weight on my conscience recently and after watching this i felt it all lift a little as one man defined the issue so succinctly. i hope many can take a lesson from this and things will change. thanks, peter.


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