memphis poster 1
memphis poster 2
memphis poster 3
memphis poster 7
posters for the feature film, memphis.
based on our previous work on PAVILION, the film's director tim sutton invited us to the set of his new feature MEMPHIS. once again he asked us to entirely handled how the film was to be presented online and in print. these posters were created by us for the film's premiere at the venice film festival. each includes original logo design, layout and photography by us.

you can read more about the process behind making them here.
home page
revamped website for the nashville-based band, the protomen
the protomen are on the eve of the release of their new album, act 2. recruiting the powerful drawing abilities of john delucca, we created an open-ended flash website that would allow us to introduce as much exciting new content as we liked, during the build-up to the album's release.
  • full-screen flash interface
  • original music by the protomen
  • original hand-drawn graphics by john delucca
  • new protomen logo
  • countdown clock