poster for the feature film, birth/rebirth.
writers laura moss and brendan j. o'brien are old friends. we used to share a studio together in new york. it was laura's short film fry day that gave us our first film poster award at SXSW in 2017. when laura wrote to us and told us her first feature film had gotten into sundance, we were thrilled when they asked us once again to work with them on a poster. 

after watching their radical film, we presented a range of ideas, and the collage approach you see here was one that laura gravitated toward. after trying 3-4 different collages of both stills from the film and behind the scenes photographs, we landed on the one you see here. 
poster for the short film, fry day.
director laura moss approached us the moment she knew her film had been accepted into the SXSW film festival. we watched her film and very quickly realized it was not just well made, but more importantly psychologically right up our alley. we suggested a range of approaches for the poster and she picked this one. 

wonderfully the poster ended up winning the SXSW excellence in poster design award.
SXSW jury award for excellence in poster design.