BBD_reworks vol. 1
front cover
back cover
front cover vinyl mockup
back cover vinyl mockup
record sleeve for the los angeles-based band, big black delta.
it's been over a decade now since jonathan bates called us and asked caspar to do all the artwork for a new band he was starting called big black delta. working with jon has been one of the things that has kept caspar sane over the years. when jon sends us new music it's time to put the pencils down, get up from our chairs and dance. these acoustic versions of some of the best big black delta songs were no less effective. the opening lyrics of the new version of "betamax" coming as they are from an older, wiser and more weathered mr. bates, somehow carry more weight than ever before.

the artwork came easy. jon and his team approved the very first draft caspar put together. the idea was to reduce the big black delta imagery to the simplest forms, and let those forms succumb to gravity's pull; as we all do in the end. in this way we hoped the artwork would appear to be as reflective on the past, aging and the nature of all things, as these new songs are.

you can listen to the record's first single here, and you can preorder the vinyl edition here.