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it was through our work with kevin mcmahon (PRICK / lucky pierre)?that we first came into contact with robert cherry. rob used to write for alternative press magazine back in the 90s (when it was good) and his old band,?ethernet, had supported PRICK during their mythical final run of shows in 2003.

back now with a new more streamlined and considered concept-based band, hot coma, rob called us and asked that we might create a record cover for his first EP. discussing various concepts to do with the band’s name, we developed this idea that the hot coma was a state of epiphany one fell into. a state which somehow lead your eyes to glow bright white for a moment. it was a concept that we attempted to illustrate and that the band developed further into a longer, written narrative through which their songs lyrics could flow.

He couldn’t risk a blow out, not with all he needed to do, not with M. returning from her assignment on Tuesday, and not with the Hot Coma, as the media had dubbed it, sweeping the streets. Did anyone really buy that crap? Did he really buy that crap?

the final look of the artwork was an attempt to touch on a future time that had passed. something that felt like a photograph in a newspaper or a poster documenting the hot coma anomaly.

stay tuned for future sleeve artwork from us that will illustrate more of this band’s developing, bladerunner-esque, science-fiction narrative. in the meantime you can download the first track from their EP from their bandcamp site, and of course listen to the rest of it streaming:


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angry bear cover artwork

it’s not every day that one of your favourite bands on the planet calls you & asks you to design their record sleeve. such was the case a few weeks ago when tony dematteo, the guitarist of mellowdrone, rang our number one evening and asked us if we were interested in putting together the artwork for their second LP.

needless to say we jumped at the chance and the results speak for themselves. few collaborations are more exciting & productive than those between parties with a massive amount of mutual respect and a great deal in common.

so yeah, that image above is a teaser of the full artwork which will be available in it’s final form at mellowdrone shows come june. stay tuned for updates on the subject here too, when it’s appropriate to do so.

otherwise, go listen to their jams on myspace:


they’re amazing.

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