poster 2
teaser poster for the in development feature film, skin of youth.
director ash mayfair sent us the script for one of her forthcoming new feature films and told us that she'd had a fever dream about a face "floating... kinda like ripples in water... of a boy with intense eyes wearing red lipstick." she said the image had stuck with her and that, as a result, she was having photographs taken in vietnam of the boy she wanted to play the lead in the film. the thing she wanted us to try and figure out was how to create the rest of the image she'd had in her dream. 

when the images arrived of this beautiful boy in lipstick we applied a typographic treatment to them, and then had them printed very large on waterproof paper. we then bought a huge plastic tub, took it back to the studio and filled it with water. then, with the assistance of photographer and long-time collaborator jeff brown, we shot photographs of the photographs, literally underwater, whilst splashing around with our hands in order to distort the image and the text. the result is perhaps the most organic piece of design work we've ever produced.