thomas newbolt
painting view
site for the cambridge-based artist thomas newbolt.
thomas called with some ideas for a site that offered us the opportunity to produce something that would showcase his life's work beyond any typical website limitations. for his online debut he said he didn't care for slow connections or primitive computer technology; the people he wanted to see his work wouldn't have them anyway & they had to be impressed.
  • flash-driven, intuitive site navigation
  • system sound effects & a classical soundtrack
  • site enhancements for faster connections
  • database-driven site filing system
  • still & moving artwork viewing mechanism
  • 'sketchbook' guestbook.
  • video clip pop-ups & 2 full short-films
  • random article quoting mechanism
  • multiple site backdrops
  • contact form
gold medal in the november 2003 american design awards