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makeup and vanity set

on march 16th the man in the ski mask otherwise known as makeup and vanity set (MAVS) will be releasing his new, self-titled album. a few months back he allowed us the great honour of designing the sleeve for the record, and you can see the fruit of our labours above. MAVS is often more widely known as the touring DJ for the protomen and was responsible for their uncanny 8bit remix album, makeup and vanity set presents… the protomen.

the new album will be available on CD and mp3 at the time of release along with a supporting range of awesome t-shirts. in the meantime you can listen to some of the music from the new LP here:


if you’re getting really impatient, you can also download a copy of MAVS’s excellent experimental music side-project DAAS, here:


makeup and vanity set
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