poster 1
poster 4
poster 5
poster for the documentary, knit's island.
producer boris garavani reached out to us because of our work on dane komljen's film, afterwater. boris had produced an excellent new documentary called knit's island. the film's directors, ekiem barbier, guilhem causse and quentin l’helgoualc’h, had spent over 900 hours inside the online game dayZ during the COVID 19 lockdown, and edited the footage they'd captured into a cerebral, poetic, reality-questioning, video-game-verité documentary. the results were, we felt, nothing short of transcendent and we leapt at the chance of making a poster for the film.

we presented several ideas to the production team and the 5 posters you see here collectively represent the final chosen concept. creation of the work involved caspar printing and posting flyers around the city of berlin, and then returning to them later to photograph them. 

during the making of the poster the film won the visions du réel burning lights jury prize and the international critic award.