your days are numbered
alex garland interview (part 1)
alex garland interview (part 2)
brandon graham interview (part 1)
brandon graham interview (part 2)
snapshot interview
insects + cowboys interview
paul pope interview
afrika bambaataa interview
jesse moynihan interview
layouts for the london-based, independent graphic fiction magazine, your days are numbered.
we discovered issue #1 of YDAN on the streets london back in 2011. it was free, the design-work inside was brave, punk and in the context of where magazines have gone in the last 10 years, felt fresh. we were excited and reached out to them immediately to applaud their work. a few months later and we were talking about how we could collaborate. suffice to say that every issue since #3 has included layout work from us in the form of a center-fold design for the magazine's leading interview piece.