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website for the los angeles-based gardening company, grow simple
katharine o'brien's new gardening outfit aims to give los angeles locals the power to grow their own produce. clean, organic and healthy food is proving harder to come by due to the threat of GMOs permanently affecting crops, loosely regulated pesticide use, diminished labeling regulations and a crackdown on farmers markets and co-ops. the grow simple website is katharine's first step toward developing a company that can reframe people's way of thinking about these matters and help them eat more healthily in the future.

we handled both the logo design and website development for this project. the aim was to create a simple, compatible website that communicated the idea swiftly and offered the company a chance to start without a fully developed ecommerce platform in place. the form-based product selection tool built into the site enables grow simple and their clients to communicate more effectively before engaging in a transaction. 
  • responsive design
  • wordpress backend
  • form-based product selection tool