family portrait
poster for the feature film, family portrait.
we were introduced to lucy kerr by rob rice at FID marseille film festival last year. she had then just finished shooting her debut feature film family portrait back in the states. fast forward to a couple of months back and lucy reached out again and asked that we might do the titles and the poster design for the very same film. 

the film is a remarkable piece of work. we watched it twice through the first time we sat with it. what you initially perceive to be one kind of film transforms into something entirely different as you watch it. the idea for the poster came very quickly to us on a call with lucy and her producer megan pickrell. the hard part was finding an old master painting we could use to successfully capture the treatment we were after. however when we stumbled upon the westwood children by joshua johnson we knew the search was over.

caspar made the poster in berlin with a printer, a scalpel and a camera. during the making of the poster the film was selected for the 2023 locarno film festival.