poster for roza bursztein's new show, dedoublee.
photographer and friend fanny de gouville reached out and asked that we might work with her to make a show poster for the comedian rosa bursztein. rosa called us and explained the concept behind her new show, dedoublee. then, working with fanny, we devised a series of concepts for the poster. 

the show sees rosa making fun of what it's like to finally be in a long-term relationship. her previous show tackled the ins and outs of her long search for the right guy. now, having found him, she's quick to laugh at all the absurdities of trying to keep him. 

rosa went with the poster concept you see here, itself inspired by the work of north american artist han cao. fanny took the photograph of rosa with her real-life boyfriend in paris and sent it to berlin. meanwhile caspar headed to a berlin sweet shop and returned with two huge bags of candy. work then began on printing the photograph out and covering the boyfriend's face with the goods. the act was an attempt to poetically capture rosa's feelings about love.