book design for the paris-based photographer, fanny de gouville.
fanny de gouville put out a call during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown for someone to help design a new book of her photographs. these photographs she'd taken were special; they were taken of her friends on her computer screen with her SLR camera as they video chatted with her, each isolated in their homes around the world. we happily responded to her call.

she wanted to call the book "screenshots." it was therefore up to us to find a way to talk about the way these photographs had been taken, during the pandemic, whilst also commemorating them as the beautiful series that they were. one particularly nice feature of the book is that fanny also took screenshots of each of her friend's google maps location, and coupled this with their portraits. we translated this particular idea into a kind of "match cut," to speak cinematically for a moment, so that the map image in each case directly corresponded to the first image of her friend on the following page. this is a feature that can only really be enjoyed with the book physically in your hands, which is of course the point.