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website for the paramount pictures feature film, not fade away.
paramount pictures asked us to put together ideas for a website for a new film by david chase, creator of the sopranos. the film is called not fade away, and is a rock 'n' roll coming-of-age story set in the 1960s.

taken by our suggestions, paramount requested we move forward with a concept we were calling 'living photographs'. this meant we were taking stills from the film and animating them in a unique fashion that embellished the moment, rather than giving away too much of the story.

the site utilizes a relatively new process of animating PNGs as well as GIFs, allowing us more control and a greater level of overall compatibility.
  • html5 / JS / css driven interface
  • PNG and GIF animation
  • custom soundscapes
  • ipad / iphone compatibility
  • retina display image resizing
  • CMS
  • audio player
  • ticketing system
  • 'remind me' sign-up form