jasmin kaset
have you met me yet?
i will never let you go from me
have you met me yet? 7-inch mockup
i will never let you go from me 7-inch mockup
record sleeve for the nashville-based singer, jasmin kaset.
old friend and long-standing collaborator michael eades reached out to us with an interest in us doing some more work for his record label, YK records. this time around he was releasing two singles for jasmin kaset. jasmin we'd worked with before. we created the record cover for band, you drive. this time around we were to make cover artwork for a double a-side 7-inch single she was putting out. the covers you see here are the result of this new collaboration. jasmin was taken by the covers of a late 80s yugoslavian computer magazine called, racunari, and asked that we adapt a photoshoot she'd had done into the style of that magazine.

all photography by bill reynolds