michael bolla
site for the new-york-based property broker, michael bolla.
this has been one of our more long-form projects & much like thomasnewbolt.com it has really tested our abilities on a number of new design fronts. the brief was to translate into website form everything that michael bolla & his company luxury lofts & homes have come to stand for during their 15 year existence. michael showed us the kind of sites he was into & we ultimately chose to design the site in flash in order to capture the company's very personal & non-corporate approach. furthermore his passion for yoga, beautiful spaces & subtle, elegant design have all come to the fore on this project in a manner that's translated very well into some satisfying web design. much like the stationery set we designed for him, this site has a lightness, grace & elegance that contrasts well with the world of luxury realty.
  • full screen flash technology
  • flash driven GUI
  • streaming mp3 audio
  • coordinate driven property location mapping system
  • mailing list
  • contact form
  • database driven content with html & php driven backend
  • vector graphics video based introduction
gold medal in the july 2005 american design awards