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draw feature
website for the new york-based PR firm, kaleidoscope consulting.
back in 2008 we created a rather simple and elegant flash website for the art and fashion-based PR firm, kaleidoscope consulting. aware now that their site was useless on a range of new platforms but still very much in love with the look and feel of it, they asked us to recreate the site using HTML5 and javascript. in response we proffered that we might add another dimension to the site, and began to scheme this new black + white edition you see before you. the result is a site that's fully iphone and ipad compliant, and features not just a kaleidoscope that can be populated with images from your webcam, but also (thanks again to mr doob) hand drawn sketches too.

you can read more about the making of the site here.
  • html5 / javascript driven interface
  • webcam snapshot technology
  • harmony drawing technology
  • original music
  • wordpress backend