CASSETTE — part of the summer mix series 2008
mix album cover

Last summer I found an old cassette recorder and microphone in a dumpster. Inside it was a C60 cassette. Both were pretty smashed up and the tape had gotten all caught up in the player's cogs. However once I'd salvaged and repaired the tape a bit, I found one side of it had been recorded on. The contents are what appears to be a sort of music mix tape with some rather haphazard overdubbing of other audio scraps and the occasional aural bleed-through. It's a rather raucous listening experience, but I think quite worth it. I've managed to identify the music for the most-part, but the rest I'm still not sure of. See what you can make of it, as this is my first entry into the 2008 Yewknee Summer Mix Series. My next entry should be done in a couple of weeks.

  1. Unknown - Intro
  2. Prick - My Analyst Says
  3. VoCovers - Voices Carry
  4. Unknown - Interlude
  5. Deadsy - Just Like Heaven
  6. Unknown - Interlude
  7. Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance
  8. Unknown - Interlude
  9. 65 Days Of Static - AOD
  10. Unknown - Outro