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those who know 65daysofstatic will see this shift from a world-touring, 4-piece rock band into stage and screen soundtrack composers as unsurprising. their music has always been predominantly instrumental, cinematic and tonally complex. for those of you who still haven’t listened to a 65 LP, you’re probably falling behind. in the next few years it’s highly possible that they’ll be scoring the sort of films that we’ll all be checking out at the local art cinema. not that we have some inside scoop here, but why not assume as much? all power to them.

the above poster is one of 4 differing designs we produced for the band. the aim was to give their fans a memento of the unique experience to be had up at the glasgow film festival this weekend. the poster itself it was also produced in a weekend – one that started with watching silent running in bed on a saturday morning, and ended with a very sore back, blood-shot eyes and a wry smile on the face of the designer the following sunday evening. it’s been printed A3-size with a silk-matte finish and it’s very limited edition. heck, we might not even get a copy ourselves. those great few of you who made the trek to the highlands however, we hope it’s worthy enough of the experience you’ve had.

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